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The plot :

In the group, there is a form of inequality which causes a dispute because their music is not compatible. Caroline and Kelly like playing one type of music, while Sandrine and Alexa have a different idea. Lucy is alone, stuck in the middle. She is concerned about the dispute and does not feel comfortable to say what she thinks.

There is another student (or teacher) at the school who exacerbates this conflict within the group. They want to break up the group but, in the end, the girls realise that they are stronger together.


Caroline: She plays piano. She likes classical music. She is a little shy and very happy. She’s an optimist. She has black hair and brown eyes. She is Korean. She is medium height.

Kelly: She plays guitar. She likes pop music. She is very patient and honest. She always says what she thinks. She has red hair and green eyes. She has white skin and she is tall.

Sandrine: She plays drums. She likes rock ‘n roll! She is impatient and hyperactive. She has lots of energy. She has purple hair and blue eyes. She has white skin and she is short. 

Lucy: She plays flute. She is intelligent, shy and often sad. She has blond hair and blue eyes. She has white skin and she is tall. 

Alexa: She plays electric guitar. She likes rap. She is outgoing. She has black hair and blue eyes. She has brown skin and is tall and skinny. 

Ben: The student who exacerbates the conflict. He is a singer. He is irritable and curious.

The story :

This story is about five girls who study at Gallagher Elite High School of Music in London. Gallagher is unlike other schools in the region. The Principal rules very strictly and always ensures that the uniform looks perfect.

The girls are in a school music class. They are playing different styles of music.

Caroline : « Kelly, your music is very nice. I think our music goes well together. »

Kelly : « Thank you, your music isn’t bad either. Let’s try to play together if you want? »

They play a pop song together on piano and guitar. 

Sandrine hearing the music : « I don’t really like the sound of your music, girls. »

Alexa : « I agree with Sandrine. It’s terrible! »

In the meanwhile, Lucy is alone. Ben goes over to her, and suggests they start a group of their own. Alexa and Sandrine see Lucy with Ben and ask her: “Why have you abandoned us?”

Lucy says to the girls: “I have left you because you ignored me, did your own thing and left me alone for so long.”

Caroline and Kelly join, intrigued, “What’s happened?” “What is it?”

Ben responds, defensively, “Stop, leave us alone.”